Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Gluten Free Herby!


After a hell of a year, from graduating with a Nutritional Sciences degree in December 2012, searching for the perfect job, and finally passing my certification to be a Dietetic Technician (that's Aimee Luzzi, DTR to you!) I'm ready to get the ball rolling!

My plan for this blog is to bring to my followers:
- Facts vs. Fads of diets -
- Promote healthy eating -
- Giving out great tips to people who have specific diets -
- Being able for you people to reach out to me for any dietary needs! -
- Give out some gluten free, vegetarian recipes, of course!!! -
- Fast facts about my cats, because I"m in love with Iggy Smalls and Farah Fowler more than anyone will ever understand :] -

I'm a happy, healthy, person. My philosophy in regards to nutrition isn't about calorie restrictions, food group eliminations, specifics on working out: it's doing what makes you HAPPY!

I'll be 100% honest, I don't work out. I HATE the gym. But when I used to go to the gym religiously, watch my weight, calculate my calories, I was 20 pounds HEAVIER- and you know why? It wasn't muscle mass I'll tell you that much- It was because I was so miserable and OBSESSED with the food that was going into my body...and I hated myself and was miserable! 
Life isn't about worrying what food groups you SHOULD be eating, or going to a place you hate so much and maybe brings out some insecurities (which did for me- because let's be honest I don't have DD's that hop up and down on a treadmill). Now, I'm at the healthiest and most stable body weight I've ever been in, and I am healthier than ever (except when I used to be vegan, but being gluten free with Celiacs Disease in the pocono mountains on top of vegan was excruciatingly difficult). So listen up people and choose happiness, living life, doing what you love stress free!

everyone should follow me, because I don't know why you wouldn't want to choose happiness on your plate- it's the best diet I've ever known :] 

Ciao Bellas!
Aimee Luzzi, DTR