Friday, April 13, 2012

Parmesan Veggie Heaven

It's been a hectic week for school. I had my last crucial exam until finals yesterday, and today I had to complete my final case study for my "nutrition throughout the life cycle" class. I love the class, but the teacher grades unreasonably hard. But what has been my favorite thing of all time was when I went home and my mom bought me some vegan parmesan (obv. gluten free as well). First, I was a little sketched out...I'm not a huge fan of the soy cheezes and whatnot. But this vegan parmesan, was the greatest alternative ever. It tasted like the real thing, I double checked to see if it was vegan (it was). I thought I was going to go through the whole thing in a day! 

It goes great with veggies, I threw some on my vegetable medley I had as a little snack. I also tried it on pasta, garlic bread, more vegetables and it tasted so flippin delicious. I also put it on my caprese salad..yup so good. 
Iggy's been so sweepyyy all day- he had to go to the vet to get a shot :[ poor guy! But he did so well and got so many compliments on his eyebrows <3 

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