Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Mission to get Slimmin'

Bill took me out to an awesome New Orleans' oriented restaurant called Spat's Speakeasy. I LOVE this place so much- they have so many great vegetable meals and it warms my heart! This was one of them- a curried vegetable with some fresh greens on top of himalayan rice. Guh- SO DELECTABLE. Above the picture is an awesome sangria- that came in a pitcher....Let's just say I enjoyed that very much so.

I don't have much for you guys today and I'm SO sorry! All my recipe notes are at HOME :[. Thankfully, I'm going home this weekend to celebrate with my main squeeze, amanda, so I'll be posting some awesome recipes up- one of which momma luzz made specially for you guys!


Also! I don't really do this, like, ever, but I posted up a new little blog on tumblr! It's basically my daily progress of getting fit. Recently, I've been worrying about a few things concerning Celiac Disease symptoms, and it has caused me to gain some weight over the few months. I don't want to get into the upsetting details, but I'm not on a track to gettin' slim! So I've made a little blog that goes into depth about my daily life. Also on the blog there's so much nutritional facts of each! It goes into a lot more depth about kcals, CHO, PRO and FAT. Check it out! My Mission to Gettin Slimmin

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