Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Day in Philly

I was so ecstatic to visit one of the greatest places of all time- Philadelphia. My mom was born and raised here and it is her genes that I obtained. The reason for the trip to Philly was due to a potential move for me in to the city. But first things first, and that is finding a job as well as a culinary school that I can fall in love with!

Our first stop? The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. It was beautiful, very elegant, but I still have many places to look at!

The more important thing here is where we actually ate after the Open House/Interview and what not! The place is called Vegan Tree on south street in the city. It. was. Amazing. We started off with a butternut squash soup as well as a creamy chickpea soup. The chickpea soup was ah-may-zing. My mom and I ate it too quick for me to get a snapshot #woopz. 

The dinner was also heavenly. For myself, I got the chickpea avocado and black bean salad with an amazing asian ginger dressing. So rich and creamy, and it had wonderful texture. Just thinking about it right now is making me go nuts! 
My mom just got a plethora of grilled veggies. Believe it or not, the purple vegetable in the farthest corner is actually EGGPLANT- not onions! They were cooked to perfection. I always find it hard to eat eggplant because of the texture, but not this eggplant!

And the best part...A milkshake. Haven't had one of these in so long and it felt so good to drink! Wish I could have some more!

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