Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dining on a Diet

Soups from one of my favorite places to eat- made just for me :]

Sometimes it can be tough dining out with such a limited diet. There's been numerous, frustrating occasions where my family and I will go out and I'll break into tears because I can only have a house salad with lettuce and dressing. But ya know what my motto is- you can always find something! And having Celiac Disease as well as being vegan, you always have to remember to EMBRACe your lifestyle; because if you dwell, then it is going to bring you down. Make the best of what you got, right?

My grandma recently found out she has Crohn's Disease, and instead of finding food to try, she "bitches" about what she cannot have anymore and emphasizes more things she believes she CAN'T have. this really upsets me, especially since I know how she feels being so restricted and having to deal with stomach problems. I know sometimes it can be REALLY hard and REALLY frustrating. Trust me on this, I have broken down into tears in restaurants or have cursed Monsieur Celiac (my arch enemy in my stomach. He kind've looks like the Mucinex dudes on the commercial) when contamination comes to place. It is really, really, hard and sometimes it is easier to blame the world. But you have to always look at the brighter side- you are a vegan for whatever reasons you have. And as for Celiac Disease- look how much better you are now that you don't have symptoms. AND it is naturally cutting your temptations from that coffee cake in Starbucks and your friends extra slice of toast at breakfast- right? It's going to be hard, just as everything in this world is, but you're not going to do yourself any good by dwelling on your "shitty" situation (no pun intended). 

So just remember- this is you and your life. Embrace every moment. Enjoi Life (GF joke). And if you have rough patches like I did- write yourself a note and carry it around with you. I keep my little note in my wallet and it says this:

If you eat that muffin, you're going to bloat like no other and you better hope there's a bathroom nearby.
You love animals. You do better to the world than most. Look at how healthy and happy you are!
It's what motivates me, and makes me happy :]

So tell me what would your note say?

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