Monday, April 30, 2012

Tempeh Tacos for Megan Campbell!

If you haven't noticed, I love tacos. Any kind of tacos. And I'm always down to make a different type of tacos. A while ago, I made Happy Healthy Tofu Tacos, but this time I decided I wanted to change it up and use tempeh! Personally, I love tempeh a LOT more than tofu. It has a lot of flavor, and when you marinate your tempeh overnight you get an amazing flavor! Be wary, though, because there are tempeh out there that is NOT gluten free- the ones that aren't gluten free usually have names like "3 grain" "5 grain" and such. But garden vegetable and soy tempeh are perfectly gluten free! 

My favorite marinade for the tempeh is either a buffalo sauce or a teriyaki sauce- both of which are amazing. But for these, I marinated them in buffalo and then sauteed them in my Homemade Taco Seasoning, and they were da BOMBA. This taco seasoning can go far, and it's sooo good. 

The other great thing about tempeh is that it cooks so fast and when you sautee it, you don't lose your marinade- it cooks in it much more! Only 20 minutes and dinner was ready! ugh I wish I had some more! IT WAS AMAAZZINGG.
It's our last week of finals and we're all in a hurry to begin our studies! And if you couldn't tell from this picture, Bil obviously wanted to inhale his burrito if he could. Bill loves to make his into tacos, but I love salads. Next time, I'm probably going to try and make a burrito bowl and see how that tastes- I bet it is going to be orgasmic.

For this recipe, I'll just give you a quick guide on how to handle the tempeh

For the Buffalo Sauce:
1. Cut your tempeh into small strips, not the long-way but the shorter way (you'll understand when you buy the tempeh)
2. Marinate it in your buffalo sauce for 2 hours-overnight: 
        - 1/4 cup buffalo sauce of choice (I used the chili lime by cholula hot sauce)
        - 3 Tablespoons minced garlic
        - a dash of salt and pepper
        - 2 Tablespoons Honey or Maple Syrup

To cook the tempeh:
1. Preheat a saute pan over medium-high heat with 2T canola oil
2. Pour in your tempeh mixture (marinade and everything) and let it sizzle and cook (make sure your tempeh strips aren't over top of each other- let every piece have a portion of the bottom :])
3. after 3-4 minutes, turn your tempeh over and let it cook another 3-4 minutes on each side until it is nice and crispy
4. Throw in 2 tablespoons taco seasoning and just coat everything
5. Put it in a wrap, on a salad, or over rice!

Some awesome additions:

  • corn
  • sauteed onions
  • sauteed poblanos 
  • black beans
  • spinach
  • tofu sour cream
Bon appetit! Oh, and here's a nice little photo for all you people studying for finals! This guy here took a 20 minute power nap and snores like darth vador (courtesy of ally carmona)

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