Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Healthy Tacos D:

I've been so busy all week! Iggy has been keeping me preoccupied when I am not studying. I'm so frustrated because I'm worrying about a MICROBIOLOGY class...I'm a nutrition major, I'm never going to be explaining to anyone the transcription and translation process! Oye. Anyways, no complaints! This week has been so beautifull! And Bill, Iggy and I have been kicking it back, enjoying the opening season of the Phillies, watching the masters and sixers! 

We're going home for easter this weekend and we needed something to make to use up most of the food that might go bad. So we came up with Tofu Tacos! We made a huge mixture of peppers, tofu, black beans, corn, and tostitos salsa and then my homemade taco seasoning and made our own tacos- delish! It was a very simple recipe, but I'll give you the recipe for my homemade taco seasoning- it's so much better than the store brands and it is so much cheaper- since you probably have all these spices on hand (and if not- you are definitely going to be using them over and over again)

Taco Seasoning
2t Garlic Powder
2t Onion Powder
2-3t Chili Powder (I love ancho-chili powder)
1t Red Pepper Flakes
1t Smoked Paprika
1 1/2t oregano

Use with anything..I rubbed it on the tofu and then cooked it with the veggies! 

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