Friday, April 27, 2012

The Loving Hut

This just in- a vegan chain is rissinggg!! My mom and I went when we were in Florida and fell in LOVE! Now, we're obsessed and were on the hunt to find the closest one. Indeed, we did. Our closest is in Ledgewood, New Jersey! It's like a good hour- but me and my mom will drive there because it's that good! And we live in the Poconos so it's kinda a given to drive miles on miles everywhere! My favorite are the soups- and this soup is SO.AMAZING. It's a "Pho Bit" or something like that! ha! All the restaurants are different, but they are in many places! Here's a list!

Anyway's, today was my last day of class, so I'm off to celebrate! WOOHOO!

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