Monday, April 16, 2012

Energy Dense Lunch!

When you're a nutrition major, you are always hearing the importance of Energy Dense (ED) foods. vs "empty calories". ED foods are foods like your vegetables and fruits- these are very low in calories but high in nutrients- iron, calcium, vitamin C, b vitamins, etc! Empty calories are your processed foods- twinkies, hostess, white bread, all that nasty stuff; these foods are extremely high in calories and have slim to none nutritional value. These foods are obviously the foods you want to keep as your "cheats" and very limited. It's so hard to keep this out of your diet when you eliminate them because your body is so used to this sugar addiction, it kinda crashes in a way and your body begins to crave it. But you need to eliminate it and as much as it is gonna be hard, but the end results are gonna be awesome! 

Here's an awesome idea to substitute maybe a sandwich and it's sooo delicious!
Spinach salad with:
- 1/2 c Tuna salad
- 1/4c carrots
- 1/4 red bell peppers
- 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes (I roast mine!)
- 2 T sesame seeds
- balsamic vinaigrette (I make my own- balsamic vinegar + EVOO)

Healthy snack idea?! Rice cake with BANANAS (yup, they're under what looks like a mound of chocolate) and melt a few pieces of dark chocolate in the microwave. Perfect snack to curb that little craving and it tastes s00o delicious :]

Now, if you're reading this right now, I advise you to immediately get off my site and go outside~ it's BEAUTIFFULLL :]

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