Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 7: Failed the nightlife, success at the mall

2AM: Champagne in one hand, Failure in the other
      We had an early start this morning, despite our failed excavation on the town last night. My roommate and I were just getting used to the culture of Lyon, until we experienced our first night-life culture we were not prepared for. 
       The night after we graduated, we decided to go to dinner at this amazing vegetarian restaurant that offered gluten free. The plating and such was awesome. We went at what we thought was a normal time in Lyon- around 8PM- a time too late for us but might be a little early for Europeans. Apparently, we were completely wrong. 8PM is way too early! By the time we were finished with our food, the Europeans were going out to eat dinner! We were dressed to go out after, thinking we'd be going out at 10PM, a normal thing we thought. Well apparently that is way way wayyyy to early...so we looked like obvious tourists. 
          Anyways, back to this amazing restaurant. On the top is a tartare, that was pure amazingness! It was stuffed with some apples and spinach, topped with pickled ginger, bean sprouts, and red pepper- truly amazing. They also gave me rice cakes to nibble on- yay! After, I had a rice bowl that I unfortunately ate too fast for me to snap a picture of- but it was loaded with some exotic and fresh vegetables. 
         Also, another thing about this place called "toutes de la fruit"- the kitchen was run by 1 woman and it was an open kitchen- AMAZING! I noticed how rare it was for a woman to be in the kitchen- at the Institut all the chefs were males. With the open kitchen, it made the food more promising and guaranteed freshness. I loved the setup- it was like an open-bar but with all the food at your very eyes!
          The dessert was my favorite- it was very strange- but so awesome! On the bottom was a chia-seed jello, then on the top was a rhubarb juice that had foam on the top- I don't even remember what they called it but it was amazing. My roommate had a chocolate GLUTEN FREE cupcake- it was so cute! It was the perfect way to end our meal! Bon Appetit!
          After dinner was very unsuccessful, we ended up going home after our failed out-on-the-town. All the bars are everything but European- Ayers Rock is an Australian Bar and the Boston Bar is ... an American Bar. We decided it is best we just go back to our little americanized apartment and celebrate the american way.

12PM: Heading to the mall
         I woke up feeling great and very refreshed- so the girls and I took a trip to the mall. The mall was HUMONGOUS! My two favorite stores were this spice shop and the European Williams & Sonoma! The spice shop was called "CookMe"- and apparently there are only two in the world, and one is in New York City! I went crazy at this shop for my mom- our favorite spice is Herbes de Provence and she loves himalayan salt. I bought her some of the Herbes de Provence and this awesome salt combination. 
          The Williams and Sonoma-like store (I totally forget what it is called) was so modernized and awesome. I like how in the mall there were a lot of awesome kitchen-appliance stores. I feel like in Europe, there are more of these store because more people embrace the kitchen than in America. In America, people are more about on-the-go and eating outside of the kitchen. But in Europe, people really know how to appreciate their cuisine culture. 

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