Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 8: Tours de Lyon

          11PM: For today, we decided to be tourist-y. We walked all throughout Lyon. My roommate and I  took the funicular up to the top of Vieux Lyon and decided that we were going to walk down after. In doing so, we saw so many awesome attractions! The walk down was steep, but we ran into a cute little garden, this cave pictured here to the left, and an awesome picturesque of Lyon. From the top of the hill you can see all of Lyon, but when you walk down these extremely steep steps, you see an awesome view as you walk into Lyon. Such a magnificent town!
2PM: Lunch in the City
          Our lunch was fantastic! One thing I love about the meals in Lyon is that they give you apertifs and espresso at the beginning and end of every meal, respectively- at no extra charge! It's as if they really want you to enjoy your meal. Another great thing about the city is that their fries are naturally gluten free with no contamination- because you won't find chicken fingers going into the same deep fryer as a french might not even see a deep fat fryer in the kitchen! In America, french fries are one of my favorite treats, but in restaurants it is very impossible for me to get them due to contamination. In France, I was eating them more than I do in America! 
          As a sweet ending, my roommate and I went to this awesome "glacier de nature" store called terre adelice- selling some fresh ingredient ice cream. It was the best ice cream I have ever had! The two flavors I got were rose petal sorbet and lavender sorbet- it was like a flowery goodness in my mouth- who would've thought flowers could taste so DELICIOUS!

3PM: The churches de Lyon
          We did a lot of sight-seeing today, and wanted to walk a little bit more. So we decided to hit up the local churches. We went to the one on the hill of Vieux Lyon, but we never went to the one centered in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the alleyways. The church was like a totally different scene from the town- so quiet, so pristine and so delicate. I loved it! We lit a candle and went back to our apartment. While we were going back to our apartment, we ran into a market that was still going on that had so many cute gadgets, gizmos, and art! The tapestry art was cool, but I remember this one piece of art there that was little stick-figure people doing so many goofy tricks made out of what looked like pipes- it was awesome! I wanted to take pictures, because my cousin is an artist and would've really appreciated it, but coincidentally the artist wouldn't allow pictures of his work. I thought this somewhat odd and confusing- I guess he doesn't want his work to be displayed on social media's like facebook and twitter. Well either way- it'll be a little trinket of a memory I can hold with me for a long time!

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