Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Last Day

7:30AM- Airplane to Switzerland
          It was really sad leaving Lyon today. This was the greatest experience of my life, and I am so happy to finally have an out-of-country experience! I'm so glad this was my first experience, because it was exceptional. I got to experience so much fine cuisine, I feel like a princess! And I am so thankful for this opportunity. But next up was Switzerland.

          This sounds crazy, but I REALLY enjoyed Switzerland! The grapefruit juice was freshly squeezed and when I got home, I had some grapefruit juice and I couldn't drink it because it tasted like straight sugar! I was so disgusted and so disappointed. As for the scene- well you could tell when we were near Switzerland because of the Alps! No big deal! I fell in LOVE! I think the next time I travel abroad I'm going to go to Switzerland, because even the air just felt right about this place! And- they are obviously famous for their chocolate. 
         Yes, chocolate. I had to buy myself a new carry-on bag to carry all my new purchases of chocolate. The last of my euros went to some good spending for my entire family! The white chocolate turned out to be my favorite- and I don't even like white chocolate! I wish our layover was an 8-hour layover in Switzerland, versus when we were coming to Europe and had a layover in Belgium! Right now, I'm getting so excited talking about Switzerland, I need to stop!
          13 hours later, we landed in America- on our home grounds. The security is a lot stricter to get into the states, which is extremely frustrating when your mother is right across the way waiting for you! I actually cried when I saw my mom, because I missed her so much! But i'll never forget the memories of Lyon- I made some awesome friends, made some even more amazing memories, and conquered Lyon. Who knows what is next in my travels, but I guarantee you the travels won't be as exquisite as Lyon treated me. VIVE LE LYON!

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