Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 4: The Real Lyon

12PM: In the Kitchen with Chef Patrick
          Today is gonna be a short day, with so many memories. We started off our day as we have every day since we started- cooking with my favorite person Chef Patrick. Today's theme seemed to be lobsters. The other girls besides me and my crazy vegetarian roommate had made foi gras and scallops and ate that today. My roommate and I had this delicious lobster- totally raw with a scrumptious sauce. The foi gras looked a little creepy to me- it cooked in its own fat! It was really awkward watching the fat ooze out and cook in itself! But this lobster was so good- just look at how pristine it is!
           The next thing on our menu: Lobster raviolo bisque. Chef Patrick was kind enough to cook the ravioli on the side so I can eat it, and I am so happy because it was so delicious! To cut the lobster, he had to use this nifty sword-knife. Intense. I was so nervous for him! But I was even more frightened when we put the live lobsters in the boiling pot- because they were SCREAMING. I honestly teared up a little being the crazy animal lover that I am...Chef Patrick loved that part......

1:30PM- Wandering the halls of Paul Bocuse

So after lunch, I wandered a little, and found the pastry chefs creating some extraordinary sculptures made out of blown sugar and sugar candies. I had a lot to ask them- my cousin is a glass blower and he has taught me a lot about the perfectionism and preciseness involved in such art. I wanted to know the difference between the two- because sugar blowing has always been such an interest to me. Look how beautiful these are! I couldn't believe my eyes how artistic these were!

5:00PM- Post-Gastronomy
          1 word for History of Gastronomy: boring. I was so bored, and I couldn't wait to be able to finally see Lyon. After Gastronomy, a bunch of the girls and I roamed the streets of Vieux Lyon. It is so beautiful! We rode the funicular to see the entire Lyon- which was breathtaking. Next, we roamed the alleyways and examined all the magnificent and estranged shops! There were also some awesome tunnels, that were the passageways to transport Lyon's world-famous silk. I was in love with this city, with all the beautiful churches, the history behind every cobblestone we tripped on, everything! 
7PM- Lunch
          We found a place for lunch that the waiter could speak some english...un petit. Anna and the rest of the girls decided to try the Quenelle- famous in Lyon. It was seafood pate stuffed and covered it a light dough and smothered in a heavenly-looking sauce. They said it was amazing! I wish I could've tried it, but the Celiac Disease wouldn't let me. I had a vegetable medley, which was awesome either way! Lyon, you have captured my heart. 
The Vieux Lyon 

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