Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 9: Winery de George DeBoueff

2PM- After our "interesting" meal
          Today, we began our journey on a 1 hour bus drive to a Winery by George DeBeouff. Our first stop- lunch, and boy was it a lot different than our exquisite lunches at the Institut.
          I had an interesting salad, with a cheese that was like the fresh goat cheese we test-tasted at the Institut. Personally, it wasn't that appealing to me when I tasted it and it still didn't appeal to me. Also, the service was terrible- for the first time in France I felt like we were being taken advantage of for being tourists! Also another crazy thing- when we think of sausage, we think of ground up meat encased in a sausage-like encasement. Well, in France a sausage is considered not-ground-up intestines! YUCK!
          Despite our unluckiness in lunch, we did have an awesome and intriguing tour of the winery. There were some creepy puppet plays, but the facts we learned about the winery were spectacular! The top picture is a replica of Lyon at night- shear beauty. Next up was a mini museum, where they had wine bottles of all shapes and sizes. One wine bottle was larger than myself! They also had a rare sculpture of I believe "David" (I could be wrong)- only being 3 in the world! My museum was my favorite part, because there was so much culture and history within it.

   Another interesting place we visited was the actual exterior of the winery, and the gift shoppes. The barrels are kept in a climate-controlled room and their wines are kept in pristine shape. Once the barrels have been used, they use them for other means, such as wallpaper! I thought it was really cool how they don't put their barrels to waste and use them in any way they can. As much as the aura of this place was pleasing, the puppets and kid-like activities bored me, and I was feeling a little homesick...especially since today would be our last official day as Lyon-ers. So bittersweet! Next up- 3AM wakeup call to head back to the airport and on our way home!

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