Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Summary

I have been slacking on this blog a lot, and I apologize :[. But in return, I just want to give a little summary of one of the most memorable summers I've had so far. From the stresses of the evil cash registers at work to the craziest of nights (is this real life?), this summer surprised me like no other.

"Aimee, we're a toxic combo"
"I'm on a box, shawwty"
"The hash slinging, trash bringing, train station FLASHER"
"Kish the Fish!"
- All by Amanda

"Amanda do you need me to show you where the cotton swabs are?" - "SHE KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE JOEY"
"Alvin's harvesting moe's in her cheeks"
- Keira

"This soda is flatter than a preteen girl"
*Opens freezer to check on haagen and daz* "mama loves you honey"
"You loyal subjects, this is your queen"
"So if I strap on some spandex I can go to the club?"
"So, a jamaican me happy is NOT a fruit?"
Pinot grigio
- Pita

"The ravioli is sitting across from me"
"Wait why are you eating dinner? DOES THIS MEAN YOU'RE NOT DRINKING?"
- Joey

and then of course..
4 some....
pasta night to go

Words can't even describe half of these memories. Some were so funny, I swear I could laugh for hours just thinking about them.

As there were many ups, there were times when it was at rock bottom. The Sandusky scandal shown through, and it devastated the football of Penn State. I hate Sandusky for all this, obviously. I'm sure the guy has no supporters, especially since our entire reputation of being a football team has shattered. As a Penn State student, my pride still lives on because I still am in love with the school I've spent my college years at. 

Next up- a chapter of my life is finished. I can finally move on and start my new chapter in life. So many memories at my first apartment, but god I am so happy to have something with bittersweet memories cut away. 

The Lake Naomi- so beautiful.

I'm more ready than ever to just enjoy the life that I have <3

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