Monday, February 27, 2012

State Patty's Wrap~Up

2:21PM "Studying" 
          Studying? More like recooperating my body for the weekends festivities. Usually, I'm not a hardcore partier, but State Patty's is a totally different story, especially when I am with my brother. It was a memorable weekend, but I definitely slacked off on my diet. This week= GYM TIME. 
My sunday evening constituted of Chinese Food and Sleep. I have so many helpful tips when it comes to chinese food! The hardest part about getting takeout from chinese is the soy sauce- which is not gluten free. However, through a superfluous amount of trial and error, I found a chinese place that not only will prepare my food gluten free, but actually know me well enough and are avid about making sure my meals are gluten-free! It is very helpful to get to know places you either dine at or get takeout/delivery from, because the hardest part about the Celiac Disease is the contamination and communication with people who might not have as much of an understanding as you do about your diet. Not only that, but they also will avoid using fish sauce and chicken stock!! Makes my little heart smile :] It's also soo nice to be able to get fried rice and..get this...GENERAL TSO TOFU! how UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME IS THAT? :]<3
oh sweet looks like chicken! AH! and get this- all the veggies I made at home to save a couple bucks and get more tofu in my order!
      So with that, here are some helpful tips when ordering out or dining in:

1. It is going to take trial and error, but when you find the right place get to know the people!
2. NEVER be afraid of telling them about your special needs- the employees will help you and that is how you know it is a good place!
3. Try new things! You need your taste buds to explore new horizons :]


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