Wednesday, February 29, 2012


         What a yucky day :[ Last semester, I went through a lot of drama. With the finding of my Celiac Disease, my cat died, my grandma went through some major gastrointestinal issues as well, and then drama like no other with some girls, it just never ended. It almost got to the point where my boyfriend and I broke up because it was hard for me to find happiness in such a chaotic world. And just when I finally thought I took out all the negativity in my life, it is beginning to come back again. 
          These girls I'm dealing with honestly are some of the caddiest and drama-filled girls I've ever met. I have never been in such drama in my life- and the sad thing is they created this entire scenario that didn't even exist and turns out I'm the bad guy. They expect me to support them in their troubles, when all of last semester they did nothing but bring me down with my troubles. When I yearned for support, they alienated me. When I confided in them, they talked behind my back. When I thought I was being understanding in my decisions to try to better my health, they claimed that I was only doing it out of spite of them. And now all this is coming back. And this excessive rain isn't helping to settle the mood either.
          It really upsets Bill, because he hates how I let a bunch of girls get to me like this. It just really hurts, because I've been nothing but nice, tried to resolve all our issues by trying to see a better light in them, and all I have gotten was taken advantage of. And what also hurts is that I felt so lonely throughout this, that I gained back my freshman 15 I worked soo hard to lose. The one thing I was proud of came back to haunt me. I need some guidance right now and more willpower because I feel like I've been trapped. 
          My diet today didn't help very much, because I decided to treat myself to those leftover pancakes from State Patty's Day! Topping them off with some vegan butter and powdered sugar with agave syrup, I felt like this was much needed..YUM <3 
           Also, after a long, much needed nap, I made these AMAZING crispy, delicious, chocolate & caramel cookies. I love crispy, credit-card thin cookies, and I finally concocted a recipe for the PERFECT credit card cookie! My taste tester Bill said they were amazing, so I am so proud :]
          However, I'm not going to share this recipe- because it's my little secret recipe O:] tehe. And I just needed to make this post to vent a little, because every girl needs a little wallowing every once in a while "/ However, I found the most perfect saying by *shocker* Will Smith:

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