Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The CIA, Hyde Park NY

February 3, 2012

You might look at this and kind've wonder...the CIA? reallyy?? I'm talking about THE CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA in Hyde Park, NY. A different kind of CIA if you ask me. WELL. me and my mom had quite the experience that was beyond amazing. 
First we went to this cute little bakery- oh my goodness it was the bakery of my dreams! Although I was too enthralled by all the chocolate, I didn't ask about their gluten-free options. However, I settled for this cute little macaron :D. It was an apple butter filling with cinnamon sugar cookie. My mom couldn't stop laughing at me because every bite she said my eyes lit up! My mom got some Potato Leek soup with a multigrain THAT looked heavenly! My mom is definitely praying I get into this school! :P
I took these on our tour. The first picture is the view right off of the main part of the campus. It overlooks the Hudson River, which is a beautiful scene! The other picture is of one of the restaurants at the school, Ristorante Catarina de' Medici. I love this one because it's an Italian Restaurant and when I sent a picture of this to my dad he was so excited! So, I guarantee this is where my dad will be taking me when he visits ;]

 Dinner was next...and it was probably one of the best dinners I have ever had. Everything was perfectly proportioned, well plated AND they brought out gluten free bread! I was SO happy because all of their bread looked AMAZING. And also, since all of their food is cooked right on the campus by the students, it brought warm fuzzy feelings to me to know that they are making gluten-free stuff on campus! Overall, this day rocked my socks off.

I wanted to start off with this post because this is my FIRST post. I feel like after I experienced this adventure, I fell more in love with my future goal of becoming a Pastry Chef. I love food...and this blog definitely brings out a lot of my passion for it. But of course! you will definitely be seeing a lot of recipes I've made and whatnot so stay tuned!

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