Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

      6am breakfast fest! Need to load up on my carbs before my AM workout! GF Oat Bran Porridge from Bob's Red Mill with some raisins and walnuts...I heated some almond milk up until it was simmering then added the oat bran and let it soak up the milk. DELICIOUS. And I can't get enough of the Mint Green Tea by Tea's's my favorite along with the lemongrass!
      9am~ I had to meet a dietitian today for my gluten free diet. It was really enjoyable because the dietitian and I have so much in common (since we both majored in Nutritional Science at Penn State University!). I learned so much about Celiac's Disease and everything that has gluten in it. I knew a majority of it, but it was good to learn that SO many additives may or may not have gluten in it. 
     The best part of today? My mom is here to visit :):) and we're going to get some asian cuisine  yummyy. My mom is probably the most supportive about the newfound Celiac's's tough to be a college student and pay for the expenses of gluten-it's rather pricey. But when she comes, since we are such foodies we really just surround our day with food. YUM :D
      I love my mom and I'm so happy to have her support...because if I didn't it would be a different story- I probably wouldn't have pursued my career in culinary!
        Welp, unfortuantely I'm off to study soon ... gahh. Gotta get my snacks ready- Soy Latte, Glutino sesame pretzels, raisins and almond butter with some blueberry jam!

xoxo aimee

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