Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hellooo Spring!!

The best feeling in the world is definitely the first day of spring...and thankfully here at state college we've been blessed to have spring start a few weeks earlier! It's been so gorgeous here it's the best feeling! Unfortunately, I've been cooped up in my apartment because of homework, but it always is so much pleasurable now that I have my iggymonsterr rawr rawr <3 <3 It's also a pleasure to have Bill- we've been doing so good being with each other now that we have iggy on our hands!

Bill and I spent the entire day together running errands. It was actually really nice because everything we did was just so out of order- and I actually didn't feel any stress at all! For lunch we went to Panera and got the U Pick 2 and ended up bringing our soups home to save for dinner. Although it seemed expensive at first, we were actually pleased with ourselves since we ended up making a feast out of our soups for dinner! I got the Black Bean Soup- which is gluten free AND vegan and makes my little heart happy :]. We did our extreme grocery shopping, as well. I managed to make it out of Wegman's without buying the premade food, which makes me so fluffy inside! But, the hardest part about going into wegman's is the bakery aisle- I wish I could just gobble up everythinnggg. 

When we got home, we made PIZZA! It was actually the best pizza I've ever had, and I really don't enjoy pizza. I got the pizza crust as a gift from www.littleaussiebakery.com - this online bakery is so awesome...My favorite is their Flax Loaf, and now their pizza crusts! Bill and I made a huge pizza and slathered on some spicy tomato sauce, soy cheeze, spinach, peppers and pepper flakes, and it was a party in my mouth. We paired it up with some crinkly fries, and I made Bill his favorite Parmesean Croutons from his old Baguette that he got at Panera and brought home. It was probably our best creation by far, and we are so excited that we're probably going to do it multiple times!! WOOP! 

My little tip for the day is- when you go out to eat, sometimes buying more doesn't mean it can be expensive. If you get a to-go and split half of it, not only can you have the rest for dinner/snack, but you can jazz it up with your own recipe!!!

For Bill's croutons- it was SO simple. All I did was cut up his old baguette (you can use gluten free baguettes, or any type of bread for this as well!), put it in a bowl with ~1/4 cup olive oil, a heaping of soy parmesean cheese, and 1 teaspoon of herbs de provence and I made sure all of the croutons were coated well with this. My oven was set to 425 and I just put my croutons on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and put them in their for 6 minutes- rotating them halfway. SO easy and your crusty, old baguette just turned into a delicious snack! yumyumyum

Oh and the best part? Iggy Smalls is now my partner in crime in the kitchen! :] LOVE THIS BABE <3 What a wonderful way to start spring- with or without the free Rita's!

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