Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate Covered Tuesday

Yes, it is indeed Wednesday, but I totally forgot to put up a post yesterday and I really wanted to put this up because this easy little creation tastes soooo amazing. And the simplicity is astronomical! All you need to do is melt your favorite chocolate for 30 seconds (mine is simple- dark chocolate! Fair Trade brand is my alltime!) and the spread that chocolate on a caramel rice cake (or any flavor preference you'd like..I wouldn't explore ranch though..ew) and voila you have yourself a low calorie snacker for the night! 

A little tip- don't put the rice cake in the microwave. It's like styrofoam and will burn in the middle..woopsies 

my new favorite snackk YUMYUMYUMYUM DELICIOSOO :]

Hope y'all are ready for happy healthy hump day :D

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