Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Viva la Sun!

Wow! This weather could not be any better. Over the spring break my mother and I escaped from the poconos into the beautiful land of Naples, Florida. We went on a spa getaway and had some of the greatest food my palette has ever experienced!
Every morning I woke up I would have the greatest oatmeal with the freshest fruit- and every day they had a different variation of fruit! And in the hotel they made sure to prepare my oatmeal Gluten Free. It was so appetizing! And then I also had some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice- YUM!
This was my favorite drink! It was an orange mojito. The vodka they used was distilled from fresh florida oranges and it definitely made a difference in taste- WOW. I wish I could've brought some home
The seagulls enjoyed the drink too :]
Before the beach, I would run on this beautiful boardwalk that was approximate 6/10 of a mile. My mom is a walker, so what I'd do is sprint all the way to the end and sprint back to my mom and kept on repeating that until my slow mother made it to the beach :]. This part was my favorite view it was gorgeous!
Couldn't get enough of this! Such a beautiful spa! It felt so nice after spending the day on the beach and then enjoying a relaxing massage ahhhhhh living the life
My new favorite cafe- the sunburst cafe. They have an amazing soy cappuccino and I had the greatest veggie omelette ever!
Cheers! I'll begin to write more recipes and stuff, I've just had a very busy spring break full of relaxation and what not :} xoxo

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