Monday, March 19, 2012

Iggy Smalls is the Illest

Oh my goodness what a WEEKEND! Bill and I celebrated State Patty's day a whole new way. March 17 is Bill's nephew's birthday. Evan (his nephew) is the cutest- he is 2 years old and smarter than most people! On Thursday, we headed to Philly to go to Bill's house and on Friday we went to the Sixers vs. Heat game- where we came up with the name for our new kitten that we ended up getting on Sunday, Iggy Smalls ("Iguodala + Biggie Smalls")! On Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, was Evan's birthday, which actually turned out to be a blast! It was so fun. After that, Bill and I along with Bill's cousin and her boyfriend went out to an irish bar in philly- Paddy Whacks (I'm sure you've heard of it). Overall, the weekend was a blast.

My new baby boy <3 isn't he the cutest!! He loves to help with the dishes, and after me and Bill made a delicious dinner, he loves to lick the plates before I put them in the dish washer. 

Thankfully, Iggy's 2 other brothers are with Bill's cousin, so they will never be separated!

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