Monday, March 26, 2012

A much better latte!

Friends, I give you Monday's tip for the week! The temptation of the mocha soy latte, or the cinnamon soy dolce cappuccino ... but are the calories really worth it? I have the solution to curve the temptation- which definitely keeps my cravings curbed! The Cafe Misto with XTRA FOAM! It's the greatest thing ever. It's half coffee, half milk and foam. Then, sprinkle on some unsweetened cocoa for the mocha flavor, vanilla for the vanilla latte, and cinnamon and nutmeg for the cinnamon dolce! I love mine with soy milk, and I always ask for extra foam because It's my favorite and it is not as dense as straight milk...and look at the difference in calories

Venti Soy Cafe Mocha = 340 calories
Venti Soy Cafe Misto with Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Sprinkled = 130 calories!!!

The difference is that the mocha latte is more than 2x greater calories! 340 calories is like a SNACK! And i don't know about you guys...but a coffee can't curve my appetite! So next time you are craving that latte, try for a misto and skip the flavored syrups and go for the sprinkly dinklys :]

omnomnomnom <3

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